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At Think Design, we simply love the web. It all we’re about, everything we do and the only thing we do. Think of us as a dedicated network of highly qualified professionals who are passionate about their craft, passionate about design, and passionate about the brands we represent.

While most web design agencies have struggled to come to terms with the changing online landscape, we, at Think Design have thrived by having the best graphic designers, developers, technical experts and digital artists. We have let our experts hone their skills and translate that in to success for our clients in the most exciting communication medium today.

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Creative Guru & Owner of Think Designs

A true artist to his very core, Shawn Mc Clafferty has over 15 years of experience under his belt in advertising, both Graphic Design and Web Design, along with having a strong understanding of retail marketing and healthcare as well. Unable to keep creativity in his head, he allows it to come out and play by drawing and winning accolades for his creations and illustrations. He utilizes his talent to create compelling visual messages in both print and digital media to market your brand and business most effectively.
Prior to starting Think Designs, Shawn served as Senior Creative and Production Manager at Kerr Drug, the largest regional drugstore chain in North Carolina and the best-known retail pharmacy for disease state and drug therapy management in the industry.

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Mesa Latin Restaurant

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A business website plays an important role in helping improve brand awareness and consumer accessibility. Think Designs has been responsible for putting dozens of companies and start-up businesses on the map by designing powerful and appealing websites which were customized using the latest technology at affordable prices.

Functionality is our high point, and by using WordPress we make sure that you have the ability to manage your own website long after we have designed it. Our experts will make you get noticed online in no time with tried and tested SEO strategies that are guaranteed to get make your website sing and emails ding.

By providing our clients with exclusive, professional and customizable website design, along with cross-platform compatibility, we ensure that their online presence remains felt for a long time to come.

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